Spesial Promo: reseller tas etnik hanya dgn 6pcs

Spesial Promo…

menjadi reseller KiosDelima makin mudah.. hanya dengan membeli 2pcs katalog raflesia + 6pcs produk raflesia.. langsung mendapatkan harga reseller..

promo ini berlangsung hanya 5 hari.. 20 – 25 Mei 2011.. selanjutnya tanpa minimal order, bisa tukar model dan garansi barang berkualitas.

so, buruan hubungi CS kami…

happy friday… happy shopping and sellling..

Distributor Exclusvie QUEEN Etnik & RAFLESIA
“Etnik, Cantik dan Unik”
fb & twitter: @kiosdelima
ym: permata_suri


About permatasuri

Dreamer, lovely wife, great bussiness women (will be!). Love to read and write, also organization activist. Travelling, Food lover, sometimes cooking. Insterested in craft, sewing, kniting. Marriege with Iman Sulaeman, a lovely guys, handsome and of course my angel.
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